Zane and Anjel Falls of Rough, KY Film Engagement Session

July 13, 2018



I’m going to be honest here…I totally struck out with this engagement session plan! Our original plan was to use the falls + the gorgeous rocks + scenery to photograph their super  sweet engagement session. Upon arrival, we noticed that the water in the area was super high and rushing down river like crazy. Super dangerous and not what we were hoping for at all. I had another location in mind but when we were viewing the scene and making a call, we noticed this gorgeous house behind us and the property was also very pretty.

{Guys…its totally ok and professional to use a gorgeous property or home! Don’t be shy to ask. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has eyed this gorgeous house} SO I drove down the road a bit and I knocked. Waited. Knocked. Waited. No answer. Normally, it would be ok to use a pretty piece of property that seems public but in this case…you really don’t want to be in the middle of an engagement session and have to be escorted by cops! So, as I was driving away I saw a sign that said “Green Farm Mansion” Ahh! It was a super gorgeous bed and breakfast! I called the number and as sweet as this lady could be said SURE! We don’t mind at all. So we made our way over to this super cute mansion and had such a great time!

This session was just as sweet and just as fun as we had all hoped it would be anyways! I am absolutely head over heels about this all film sessions and LOVE having it on our blog.

Zane and Anjel are the sweetest! He’s super sweet and Anjel? Well, she is such a gorgeous bride to be and has a super sweet + fun personality. I LOVED documenting their engagement! I can’t wait for their wedding next May!


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