Doug + Kendra | Film Engagement Session

October 15, 2018

Doug and Kendra’s Story

Kendra and Doug met in 2015 while Kendra was attending college at Purdue. Doug drove all the way up to visit a cousin who was a student there as well and happened to be a long time friend of Kendra’s. While Doug was there visiting, they joined a college get together. Kendra runs into her cousin and Doug and the two hit it off. The funny thing is, Kendra and Doug have attended the same church, grade school and high school together. They also lived just minutes apart too. Kendra was smitten that Doug would drive all the way to Purdue just to meet her!

So while the two had only been talking for a few weeks, Kendra decided to study abroad. She never thought that they could get a long distance thing to work, after all they really just met. Besides, they were a long way from each other and there was a 7 hour time difference. But, these two kept talking and stayed in touch the whole time she was gone.

This past May was the day Kendra said YES to Doug! The two planned a trip with Jake and Laura {one of our past couples whom WE LOVE} to St. Louis. They were going to the Anheuser Busch tour and then a Cardinals game afterwards. Laura and Jake were in on Doug’s plan so after they hit the brewery {which is really neat btw!!} they freshened up and headed to the game. The game just got started but since no one was in a hurry to go in just yet, Laura asked if they could go meet up with her cousin who was also in St. Louis visiting. We went to this park that was close by and while everyone “waited” for this cousin to arrive, Laura asked if Kendra would take a pic of her and Jake in front of the fountain. Kendra said of course! Laura got excited and said your turn! When Kendra and Doug were getting all posed up for this picture, Doug ended up getting down on one knee and PROPOSED! Kendra was so shocked! Turns out, they were never meeting with any cousin at this park. It ended up being such an amazing night and they all ended up going out and celebrating later that evening after the game!


Kendra’s Dress + Sweater : Flutter Newburgh

Film Processing : The Find Lab


Doug and Kendra are the sweetest! I just loved every minute that we were all together as if we were friends. We walked casually, talked casually and they trusted me. These two whole kindheartedly trusted me with this amazing honor. Every time I would say “hey lets do this!” They would smile and say I trust you! I know it’s going to be so fabulous! And I love that so much.

We ended up walking through the locations long before the session day. We came up with ideas, I got to see where the light landed during the time of their session and we also connected again. It was actually the first time I met Doug too! These two have a connection to the first session location. The lake house property belongs to their parents and they’ve spent good times here together. It’s always memorable to do a session at a place that means something to the couple.

We then journeyed along to a gravel road that they pass a LOT since its right down the road from Kendra’s parents house. They mentioned the sunset and how beautiful it was here. Oh my goodness were they right. This place was heaven and I am so glad we took an evening together to explore. We walked the gravel road, checked out all possibilities and went over outfits and all the girly stuff you can think of. These two laughed and danced and it was such an amazing time!

Our time spent together was SO great. We got to chat, laugh and get to know each other so much! Doug {long story} even checked my oil for me! Ok. Story time…I may as well tell you! So we are leaving their parents lake house and on the way I look in my dash board {I do this a lot because ALL the men in my life constantly tell me to just check here and there} and my oil gauge was at zero. I immediately freaked just a little. I’m still following these two as we drive btw…but I call Kale and tell him what’s up. He’s like OMG! You need to pull over and check the oil. So I kindly tell Doug and Kendra and Doug was such a cool guy, after the session he checked my oil to make sure it wasn’t anything to be worried about. And come to find out it wasn’t. I had a sensor go out {thankfully}. I remember when I got home, Kendra emailed me to make sure I made it safely. Like seriously how amazing are they? Super sweet. Down to earth and gah! Have you seen this gallery of images!!

Super thankful for them! So glad they chose us and we can’t wait for their big day!!






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