Dylan + Mallory | Old Courthouse Intimate Wedding

October 18, 2018

Dylan + Mallory are a super sweet couple. Soft. Romantic. AND so in love! Their day was as romantic as the rain that was coming down from the sky. One thing I loved so much about these two is that they were ready to dance in it. We ended up not having to and I’m still in awe that the rain stopped for them not 5 minutes before we were to go out for bride and groom portraits. We had about 20 rain free minutes to ourselves. All 4 of us were all in shock, as if the rain knew we really needed this moment. The wind came at us and i’m glad it did. Her veil was dancing and these two were in heaven for the time we did have together.

Dylan and Mallory had a small and intimate wedding at the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse.  Every simple detail was planned and loved. The couple exchanged letters to each other before the ceremony. It was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen. I had a feeling that we would see a few tears, after all, these two are just so in love and their words, the way they talk and treat each other is something else. It’s pure and genuine. It’s more than an idea. It’s unconditional and irrevocable. I thought to myself…for a second while looking through the view finder of my contax…I wonder if I can capture tears on this amazing camera. Sure enough, our scans came back and the image of tears falling down Mallory’s cheeks will definitely be one of those small but mighty moments, a testimony to the love these two share, frozen in time.

Their ceremony was lovely. Mallory’s dad walked her down the isle and I couldn’t help but to notice one thing. The LOVE everyone had for these two. Mallory’s brother looked at Dylan during the time his sister was walking down the isle to her future. Mallory’s dad looked at her during the time he was walking her to Dylan. It was the sweetest thing you guys. The sweetest. They were happy. Curious. Would there be any tears? And without a doubt in anyone’s mind, these two were perfect for each other. It was written on everyone’s face. After these two kissed, everyone started clapping in awe of this amazing moment.

The evening was blissful and I mean blissful. These newlyweds played the hilarious shoe game and everyone had such an amazing time dancing the night away.


Mallory and Dylan, you two are amazing. We LOVED serving you on such a special day and are so blessed and honored you chose us!



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