Ethan + Kaylee | Oak Meadow Country Club Film Wedding

October 4, 2018

Ethan and Kaylee are the sweetest couple. They are steady and strong. Their love and devotion to each other is incredible, so incredible that when they talk about each other, you feel it all the way to your core. A lot of the day my eyes filled with tears because this love, the unconditional and undying kind, was so strong and powerful it just hits you and reminds you WHY it’s not about you and him. There aren’t just two people in a relationship that is strong like this. God is the third person and the one that ties it all together.

I loved being around these two. The tears. The emotion. The joy. The love. The family. ALL of it. These wedding days are a great reminder for me each and every time I am listening to vows…I am reminded over and over and over about the ones I took with my own husband.

I had the pleasure of not one but two engagement sessions with these two. We really got to know each other well and over time that made us a power team. I can’t tell you all enough how important it is to have that relationship with your photographer. We were able to really know Kaylee’s heart and Ethan’s too. The love they share just shines through all of their images.


My favorite moments from their special day:

The moment Kaylee’s dad saw her during the dad’s first look. I melted into a puddle. What I really loved was the high five followed by this strong hug from dad to daughter.

Both the mom of bride and the mom of the groom were so emotional. It was the sweetest thing ever to watch them give their daughter or son away to one another. The tears. The tissues. All of it was captured.

When Kaylee walked down the isle and Ethan locked eyes with her. He smiled. Shook his head to not tear up. But even after shaking his head he just couldn’t hold back. Watching his wife, the love of his life walk down that isle to him was incredible. He kept it together with tears filling his eyes.

The love that these bridesmaids have for Kaylee. Not only did Kaylee do a first look with her dad but she also did a first look with her maids. The laughter and joy they displayed after seeing her was true meaning of a bond between friends.


I could really go on and on about this amazing day but I’ll let their incredible love story speak for itself through all of these amazing and gorgeous images that will one day become their most valued heirlooms.




Team Of Vendors


Getting Ready || Double Tree Hotel

Ceremony || Bluegrass United Methodist Church

Reception || Oak Meadow Country Club

Hair || Hanna Williams Salon

Makeup || Dacia’s View

Florist || Dale Florals and Gifts

Gown || Bridal Wearhouse

Photographer || Sharin Shank Photography

Second Photographer || Becca Novak

Videographer || Alexader Francis Films

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