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October 12, 2018

When I first started on the adventure of being a wedding photographer, I would photograph weddings alone. Slowly but surely, I realized the benefit in having two photographers on a wedding day. A second photographer to capture second angles, help me carry gear, fix hair, fluff a gown and so much more. So I asked Kale to be my second photographer when needed. He said YES! I was so excited because that meant I got to work with my favorite person all day.



We photographed so many amazing weddings together and shared some memories too. From packing, to eating on the way, coffee dates beforehand, teaching him metering modes and him teaching me how to sync my external flash units {yes, he taught me this} and so many more memories. We had SUCH an amazing time together. This boy even climbed a few trees just so I could get that perfect dress shot. He was my boutonniere extraordinaire, my subject for metering, and I always found way too many pics of me “on the job” which I loved.



Then he took a new job. This new job would eventually mean that he would need to go back to college to get a new degree. What would I do?! I was crushed! Everyone that knew us were used to the Kale + Sharin team thing we had going. Every wedding I would go to they would ask me “Where is Kale” or “How is Kale doing” or something along those lines. I missed his smile, his personality and all that he did for me when we were together on wedding days. Sometimes, if we got lucky, we would get off a little early and go on a DATE!


But the time had come to really make some decisions. We thought about just hiring someone. Sure, it would cost money and time but I was willing to do whatever it took to have comfort within my business. And when I say comfort I mean the kind of comfort knowing that I was serving our brides well. I wanted them to know that there wouldn’t be a bunch of random photographers helping me photograph their special day. I love consistency and I love pouring my heart into others. So the decision was made quickly. We are hiring someone no matter what. I truly love the few times I needed another photographer and believe me, they were amazing! But for SO many reasons, I wanted a team and that comfort I mentioned above.


Fast forward a few months later…I asked Becca to help me with a wedding. She was so excited. I was excited. We worked so well together and I just had an inkling she would be a great fit. We ended up having the discussion and I just knew it would be her. She joined me with engagements and weddings that fall and we made it official this past January! What an amazing year it has been.


Our story goes something like this:


I met Becca at a workshop! We hit it off, talked a bit and became Facebook friends.


She ended up helping me at a wedding in New Harmony that September and by that fall, we photographed a styled shoot that was FEATURED on Cake and Lace!



She joined me as an assistant for our fall 2017 weddings.  It was so amazing to watch her create special and meaningful images for our couples.



She has brought so much good to SSP. So many laughs and memories. Like…that one time we had an Indianapolis wedding that ended a little later than expected. We were on our 3 hour drive home and I was talking…then nothing. I looked over and she fell asleep! haha. I was like Becca? Good times like these are what a team is all about.  I still laugh about her falling asleep on me till this day. It’s definitely one for the books.


I love having a team. Simply put. It’s the best thing I have ever done for my business. I absolutely adore knowing that when I arrive at the studio, she is there with gear in hand waiting for our next wedding adventure. She is helpful, thoughtful and exactly what I needed in a team member. I’m so grateful for her every single day!




 If you haven’t learned about Becca yet, you can visit this post to read about THE SSP TEAM


As we move into fall, we are excited to share with you that we are growing our team again! We have a lunch date lined up with a pretty amazing gal already but will be looking to add another team member soon. If this is something that you may be interested in, keep in touch by signing up for our newsletter for photographers! Not only will you learn more about us, get our “for photographers” blog posts packed with so much helpful info but you will be notified when we start accepting applications for our 2019 internship. We will open up our applications in December.


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