Danny + Harley | St. Phillips Film Wedding

November 24, 2018

Danny and Harley are beyond the perfect match for one another. She balances him and he balances her. They are so good for each other too! Every time I’m round them, I feel like I’m listening to two BEST friends talk, laugh and give each other stuff. It’s hilarious and very comforting at the same time. They don’t hide anything…they are their true selves no matter where they are and that’s something I wish everyone had in their life. That true down to earth this is me attitude. They are loyal to each other and I love that too.

This special day started at Harley’s parents house. From details to a first look with dad. Our hearts melted in a big huge puddle watching this first look with her dad unfold. It was the sweetest thing ever. She said “don’t cry” then “I’m going to cry” then they both just cried. Then we met up with the boys. Harley bought Danny a watch as a wedding gift. I still can’t get over it all but on the top of the box his watch came in, it said very clearly “Turn me over” So Danny turned the box over. And there was nothing and he laughed so hard. Then Becca and I read the top of the box and again at the bottom of her note it said “Turn me over” so we turned the box over! We looked on top, on bottom, opened the box..nothing. Later that day Harley chased us down laughing hysterically. She said guys! Turn the watch over! HA! We both died and felt a little dumb but laughed hysterically because on the bottom of the watch was a love note to Danny that had been engraved.  Danny and his groomsmen enjoyed pouring beer into their custom glass mugs, documenting the fun and excitement leading up to the ceremony!

We headed to St. Phillips church and the ceremony was absolutely perfect. Harley couldn’t get through her vows without a few tears and I think the love just poured out of her mouth for Danny so strongly it was hard to hold back. I caught Danny’s mom with a few tears and Harley’s mom with a few almost tears. It wasn’t until the first dance with dad that she let it all out. There is so much to planning and watching your daughter’s day unfold, I think when I get to a point where my daughter marries the love of her life, I’m going to have to carry around a tissue box!

Danny and Harley showed up at the Reception in a huge tractor. Everyone was a little chilly but had SO much fun! And I’m so glad they did. This is one of the best days of their lives!! With not but around 25 minutes before sunset, we all jumped in the videographers car and high tailed it to the other side of the Conservation Club pond. We got these two laughing, twirling and kissing then boom! Reception entrance.  The evening was full of fun, laughter, drinks and great food! I will always be grateful for these days. The love. The commitments made. All of it.


Team Of Vendors

Ceremony || St. Phillip Catholic Church

Reception || St. Phillip Conservation Club

Wedding Coordinator || Daylily Events

Gown || Ella Park Bridal

Hair || Laura + Madison at Envy Salon

Decor || OBJ Designs

Second Photographer || Becca Novak

Videography || Lori Adams

Stationary || Steadfast Media

Catering || Wildeman Catering Co

Desserts || Sassy Sweets Confections




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