Kade + Kendra | Jasper Film Engagement Session

November 6, 2018

Kade and Kendra are such a sweet couple! We decided that the special spot for their engagement session was the family lake. This property has a special place in their hearts. They spend a lot of time here, their family lives here and this is where Kade proposed to Kendra.


Their love story started a little like this: 4 years ago, their was a fresh coat of snow on the ground all over the lake property they love. Kendra LOVES the snow and winter! Kade decided that they would go to the property to spend some time together and Kendra was excited to travel there and see the winter wonderland. Before heading that way, Kade told his sister and brother in law the plan so that they could hide out and wait for these two to arrive. He really wanted them to take photos of this unforgettable moment. As these two set out…they came across an accident and had to detour which was an extra 45 minutes to the lake. While they were detouring, his sister and brother in law had to sit in pretty cold temps until they arrived. I’m pretty sure this is devotion right here! When they finally made it out to the lake, Kade and Kendra started their normal hike. When they arrived to Kendra’s favorite spot on the lake, Kade had her stop and put on headphones. He had written and recorded a song for her. The last lines being “4 letters it’s L-O-V-E / 4 words will you MARRY me?” Kade then got down on one knee and asked Kendra to be his wife!


Omg…what an amazing love story!! I’m so grateful these two chose us to document this special time in their lives! I seriously can’t wait until Kade and Kendra’s wedding day!




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