Scott + Madeline | Elberfeld Mini Film Engagement Session

November 13, 2018

Scott and Madeline are the sweetest. I remember meeting these two for the first time at Comfort downtown. We talked {gosh} for the longest time! Then when Madeline stopped by to visit me at the studio to look over our albums, we talked again for the longest time. It’s always amazing when you just connect with a couple and the laughter is strong, the conversations are meaningful and they are super pumped about you being their photographer. These two are super down to earth and so fun to be around. I’m sure Madeline would agree, but we could carry on a conversation for hours!

We met out at Elberfeld for a mini engagement session. These two already had one before choosing us to document their special day and I’m SO glad they opted for a mini. This engagement session really allowed us to get to know each other even more. It helped me connect with them as a photographer and there is nothing more important to me than this connection. These two were AMAZING during their session. So much love and laughter. I don’t know how I get so lucky to have some of the most amazing couples year after year but I just keep loving what I do more and more.

Their Proposal Story :

Scott and Madeline had been dating a little over 4 years, first getting to know each other just walking around for hours at the indoor track at USI. One day Scott had brought up the idea of racing a 400 meter dash just to see what time he and Madeline could finish it in and of course because of Madeline’s competitive side she said yes! So on May 23rd after work, the two met at Memorial track and headed to the starting line. Scott was in lane 1 and Madeline was in lane 2 and since it was a staggered start Madeline was in front of him. When Madeline asked him who would say go, Scott said he would. She was ready to go when he said ready.. set.. and then he didn’t say anything so Madeline turned around and said your saying go right? Scott said yes, so she’s ready for the second attempt to start. Again Scott said ready.. set.. and then didn’t say go again so she turned around and Scott said he was going to get his track bag to use as a starting block. So not thinking anything of it Madeline said okay to this third attempt! Again Scott said ready.. set.. and she turned around wondering what’s taking so long and there he was right behind her with a little green box in his hand! She couldn’t believe it and Scott said so many romantic things about how the track was where it all started for the two of them and this will be the starting line for the rest of their lives. Then Scott got down on one knee and said “Madeline Rose Kissel will you marry me?” Of course she said yes and she nearly tackled him out of pure excitement! After letting it all sink in and celebrating, Madeline asked him if they could still run the 400 and they did! Scott won but they were both winners after that day, a day they will never forget!

Scott and Madeline, you two!! I absolutely adore hanging out with you! And loved learning more about spike ball! Too. Much. Fun. I know your wedding is going to be absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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