Zach + Danielle | Hazelton Film Engagement Session

November 9, 2018

Zach and Danielle were absolutely made for each other! These laughed too many times to count during their session! My heart was so incredibly happy to watch these two share a smile then crack up at one another. I had SUCH an amazing time with these two! We started their session off at U of E in Evansville because these two both attended college there and the connection to a place like this was so important.  Then we headed an hour out to Azalia Path for the second part of the session! This was fun. We got to walk around and enjoy this amazing scenery, have more great laughs with each other and these two even popped some bubbly! I swear I keep telling people that I have one of the most amazing jobs ever…and seriously…these couples we get to know and share special days with make it so great!


Their love story goes something like this…

 Zach and Danielle met at University of Evansville at the Lambda Chi Alpha house the day after finals at the end of her freshman year and his junior year. Danielle went out with friends and was introduced to Zach where he asked her to waltz to a rap song (what a romantic 😂)! The day after they met, the two left UE for summer break. They stayed in contact and became good friends. They remained friends and continued to hang out at school once they came back for fall semester. They were spent lots of time together and most of their stories involved each other.

The two quickly became best friends who did everything together. Zach would come home with Danielle on weekends and her family came to know him as “just friend Zach.” Soon after that, Zach’s mom pointed out that she happened to be in all of his stories and asked if he was sure that Danielle was just a friend? So the two began dating towards the end of Zach’s senior year.

After graduation, Zach moved to Indy and these two started the long distance thing. Lots of trips to and from Indy to Evansville for both of them. At the beginning of Danielle’s junior year, Zach made the move to Detroit for a new job. They began the even LONGER distance thing. He would fly Danielle to Michigan just so they could spend the weekend together or to show her the amazing Christmas tree he knew she’d love. Distance was hard for them, but as cheesy as it sounds, it made the heart grow much fonder!

When Danielle began searching for where she wanted to go to physical therapy school, she applied anywhere and everywhere Zach could get a job or places he could transfer to. They were willing to go anywhere so they could be together. Danielle decided on staying at UE and Zach left his dream job to move back so he could be close to her. Zach and Danielle eventually moved into a tiny one bedroom apartment when she started PT school. Then she started traveling, spent her summer in Texas, Indy, Bloomington, then Santa Claus for clinicals. She always said she did not want to get married until she was done with school as Danielle is a type A personality to the max and couldn’t handle planning a wedding and attending school.

Her entire family was in town for her doctorate graduation and after Zach suggested they go to the river to take photos to get away from the crowd. Zach then proposed with Danielle’s parents, grandparents, and sister all there. They all went to dinner and all of his family was there! It was so special for everyone she loves to sharing that moment with people. Their six year relationship has been lots of travel and road tripping to spend some time together even if it was only for 48 hours sometimes! It makes getting to spend everyday together now so much better. They have continued traveling, but now TOGETHER! They are so excited to start their journey as husband and wife and continue traveling the world together!


I just LOVE their love story so much and I am absolutely so blessed to be the one to document the next season of life these two are in!  I can’t wait for Zach and Danielle’s wedding in French Lick next year!! Zach and Danielle, thank you SO much for trusting me and letting me get to know you two better! I am so excited for you both!! Cheers!



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