SSP Team Christmas Dinner

December 20, 2018

I can’t say it enough…I love my team! All of these people are so important. Pictured, for those of you who are new, are Ethan, Becca, Sharin and Kale. 

Ethan is Becca’s husband. He’s her partner in life and in everything that she does. He is so incredibly supportive and sweet to this girl! We absolutely adore Ethan so much. We really look forward to another year of knowing him and hanging out with him when the team is together.

Becca is our second photographer and associate photographer. She’s my current partner in crime 25 weekends a year and then some. She’s such an amazing photographer and friend. I can’t even begin to tell you all how sweet this girl is inside and outside. I have truly enjoyed getting to be around her and to have her company as a second photographer for all of our weddings. I can’t wait to watch her grow this coming year!

Kale gets a shout out too! He’s my husband {in case you are new here}. He’s my everything and my biggest fan. He helped me start this business and has poured into it so much. He helps keep me on track and truly helps me run a successful wedding photography business.

Since we started this team in January, we’ve had so many amazing memories! I seriously LOVE that we made the memory below! WHAT an amazing evening this was.

This year has been so incredible! I am looking forward to another fabulous year with her while she photographs her own weddings! 

This year we dined at Farmer and Frenchman. We had a great dinner and did a gift exchange. Just when we thought we really all knew each other, turns out…we didn’t know enough. This was such an incredible experience for all 4 of us! We had to dig deep and do some investigating. We all agreed that had we not done the gift exchange, we may not know as much as we know now. This brought us all closer and I’m SO grateful for this amazing memory!

I can’t wait for a new year!!

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