2019 Goals + Word of The Year

January 2, 2019

A new year.

A fresh start.

Isn’t that already something to be thankful for?! I am always so grateful to sit down and goal set. To sit in a quiet space and spend time thinking about all the things we did last year {and didn’t do for that matter} and use last year to create new goals for this year. I also jumped on the bandwagon of creating a word of the year! This has me so excited!!

My word of the year:


“Done of purpose, deliberate” calculated, intended, studied, purposeful.

I want to make small intentional changes versus huge changes this year. Last year I moved fast. Made huge changes. This year, I want to slow down and create a calendar that isn’t FULL so that I can focus more on my business, leading a team and spending that quality much needed time with family.

Personal Goals

Spend 10 minutes in prayer each morning so that I can grow closer to HIM.

Read 12 books {one a month} that will inspire me as a team leader and help my business or personal life in some amazing way.

Invest intentional time with Kale and my kiddos by setting up a date night with Kale once a month and with each kiddo once a month.

Get into a good routine physically and eat healthier {especially} throughout my busy season.

Get more serious about some kind of family calendar. This is still in the works but is a major goal this year for us.

Take images of my kiddos once a month! I did not complete this goal last year and really want to do it this year. My plan is to use 1 roll of film each month on the kiddos and use those images + our family portraits for 2019 and create our family photo-book for the year.

Continue to pay off debt! This is very personal but I love sharing that we are on this journey. I’ll spare you all the details but Kale and I have been on our debt free journey for two years. It’s been amazing and has us really excited about being debt free, building wealth and giving!

And to go along with the above goal, I joined the Nancy Ray contentment challenge! It starts today and I’m excited! I’ll be doing this within my personal life and my business life. You can read more about the contentment challenge here.

Business Goals

Refresh and relaunch our website!! There are so many changes coming with our team so I’m gearing up for the long haul with our website and I’m so excited!

Set goals for each team member {yearly and monthly} during our monthly team meetings so that as a team we can work together on achieving our goals.

Create a list of things I can truly delegate. Then allow my position one team member to take over some of those tasks for me. We have not hired yet, but I’ve been praying about this and am hopeful to do so soon.

Grow my email list to 50 and find out how I can truly help those who follow us.

Host our first workshop this year and no backing out because we are busy. We set this goal last year only to find that our calendars were too full for planning and hosting this kind of event. We will set a date this month and go after this dream of ours. We are already working on things behind the scenes and we can’t wait to share it all!

Teach a small business workshop around October/November for other small business owners. This was also a goal I had last year but my calendar just didn’t allow me the time to prep/serve.

Keep working on the studio! We have a small list of things we still need to complete : baseboards, hanging our pictures at our desks, purchasing another mac desktop, ordering a new studio door {we are going with a clear glass door}, styling our bar cart {love our bar cart!}, renting out the second half of our studio, and maybe some more decor/client wall prints on the walls.

Use my talent to give back to the community. I haven’t figured out all of the details for this goal but the goal is on my heart this year.

I’m so excited about this year! I’ll be able to lead my team more intentionally + give them my time. It will allow me to be a better mama and wife at home. I’ll also be able to devote more time accomplishing these goals as well. When we put too much on our shoulders, we just get overwhelmed. And being overwhelmed is not so great especially when you run an entire small business on your own and have a family.

My challenge for you this year is to create a business around your life, not a life around your business!

I’m also so excited about this years word = intentional. This year is full of so many exciting and new things and I can’t wait for it to all unfold.

Do you have goals that you’ve set for the year? Or maybe you have a word of the year? I would love for you to comment below with one or both so I can read them and share in your joy!

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