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Why Film?


I get asked by couples + friends + photographers all the time …  why film? And this is one question I adore answering!



The main reason I love film so much are the amazing colors and tones, creamy skin and the feeling I get when I look at a beautiful film images. Film is timeless, elegant and so gorgeous. Those of us who do use film truly believe no matter how hard you try, you just can’t replicate the look of real film. You can get close but real film is my heart.


Reasons why I love and use film :


It forces me to slow down and truly be intentional with each and every shot I take. At around $3 per image, I have to be. I wait for that moment, that look, that flip of the dress or that tear that finally falls and then I take my shot.

My digital images are better because of film. With digital cameras, you can snap as many photos {unintentionally} and it doesn’t really matter because you can just ditch the ones you don’t want to keep. I used to take around 3500 digital images per wedding before I started using film. Now, because I’m so intentional, I only take around 1000 – 1200 digital images and deliver around 70%. Wow right!

Film has given me confidence as a photographer to trust in my ability so much more than I ever have. I don’t have the back of a screen to look at anymore. I’ve grown and I love growing as a photographer and in my craft.

My work gets noticed by wedding planners and publications. I’m now able to really work with my ideal clients who value quality over quantity. They also love the timeless images we create and we know that they will cherish them forever. Fine Art photography is magical. It stands out. And I love that I’ve been able to hone in on my craft through film photography.

Film really allows you to focus on your couple versus focusing on settings constantly. You set your ISO for the entire day! You just have to meter for shutter speed. Done! Film images come to me unedited and LOOK AMAZING.

Digital images require a lot more work on my end to where as soon as film hits my inbox, I’m posting sneak peeks right away.


Here is a film image {left} and a digital image {right}

For the film image, I took down the warmth just a tad. That’s it! For the digital image I adjusted exposure, added my film preset, adjusted shadows, warmth, blue slider and orange slider. And even after all that, you just can’t get the beautiful tones that are in the film image to the left. The film image is so vibrant and lovely. The digital image is too! And would be an amazing image if I just shot digitally. But side by side…the film image has all my heart eye emojis!


Film is Left ………. Digital is right



Examples of Film vs Digital :


Film is Left ………. Digital is right



Film is Left ………. Digital is right



Film is Left ………. Digital is right



Film is Left ………. Digital is right


Film is Left ………. Digital is right


You may not notice right away, but film has a look you just can’t get with digital images.  Gah! I just love film!




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