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Kade and Kendra | Jasper Film Wedding

Kade and Kendra are one of the sweetest couples we have ever worked with. They are both reserved and super sweet. They show so much kindness through the way they carry themselves and speak. They are also such a power couple too! When Kade looks at Kendra, you can literally feel the love he has for her. They have the kind of love you can feel and I absolutely adore that about these two.

Their wedding day was sweet and super calm. Literally what dreams are made of. Everything ran so smoothly. Kendra’s sister was so inviting and helpful throughout the day and showed Kendra so much attention and care. Best MOH ever? YES!

Kade and Kendra were married in a gorgeous church. Then we ran off to a local park to capture some love between these two after having a blast with the bridal party. It began to rain and I still remember laughing because not only did we get caught in the middle of a shower, everyone ran and hopped on the party bus. If it’s going to rain during your wedding day, make sure you have a wine/beer supply on your party bus as you wait it out. As soon as the rain stopped, we were back at it capturing everything we could as quickly as we could before the rain came back.

I will never forget seeing the storm outside just 20 minutes after we arrived at the reception venue! I looked out the window at the dark clouds, the pouring rain and thought YAY!! We are so blessed to have captured all that we did. It was almost as if the rain stopped just for us. SO incredibly blessed!

Venue 1408 is really beautiful. Kade and Kendra had such a beautiful reception there. The MOH speech had me in tears. The Best Man speech had me laughing. Then the tears hit again when the first dances were going down. What a beautiful wedding! Kade and Kendra, we are so grateful that you two allowed us to be such a special part of your wedding day. We are so honored and happy for you two! Here is a walk down memory lane!

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