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Nathaniel & Lindsay | Kokies Wedding

Photographer: Associate Photographer for SSP

Nathaniel and Lindsay are some of my favorite people. They are genuine, smart and so caring about everyone! I have had the most amazing time getting to know Lindsay throughout this entire process. She’s so funny and loved to dining with me over her wedding timeline meeting. Goodness, Lindsay, can we go back to Cafe Arazu please for a re-do?!

Their wedding day looked absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I became seriously ill the evening before. I showed up like everything was going to be ok but was soon sent home. I secured a replacement lead and second and my lead friend did the most AMAZING job! She even planned poses the way I would. I checked in literally every single hour on these two amazing gals who stepped up so I could recover.

I would have given anything to be there and honestly, sick or not, I would have been had my friend not stepped up big time. As I was going through all of the images and editing everything, I just felt like I was there. The tears, laughter, dancing and hugs just reminded me of how important this job really is. The moments we capture that everyone gets to look back on are unreal. Authentic. Absolutely irreplaceable.

I’m so lucky to have known these two amazing people and even though I didn’t get to full on photograph their wedding day, I absolutely loved editing these gorgeous images. Nathaniel and Lindsay, I can’t say enough about you two! LOVED being a part of this big day in the only way I could. I hope you absolutely love taking a walk down memory lane.

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