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Tyler & Maggie | Downtown Evansville Film Session

Photographer : Sharin Shank

I adore these two people and I don’t really even know them! Tyler and Maggie are from California and while they were in town visiting, they caught up with me for a couples session! I was so excited to photograph a session for another photographer. It’s literally always an honor that someone likes your work and reaches out to you!

During their session, we literally talked up a storm. Tyler is from Evansville and they come back each year to visit. We talked about all kinds of things including wedding photography, film and literally, we couldn’t stop. I had so much fun walking around downtown Evansville documenting the sweetest moments between these two people. Tyler and Maggie, you two were such a treat to be around! It was a bit chilly but the walking and talking kept us all warm haha. I really enjoyed getting to know you two better and hope you love these images! Thank you two so much for an hour of laughs and fun!

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