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Ben & Lauren | Evansville Film Engagement Session

These two are seriously special people. They are so amazing, genuine and REALLY funny even though it’s not intentional. I remember when I met Lauren and her mom at Proper coffee. Lauren walked in and immediately I knew this would be a perfect fit! She smiled and we just went right at it like we were friends. We had never even met before! When you sit down with someone you have never met and immediately go into chatting about this and that without a care in the world…that is my person. HA! Lauren…You are my person!

I had the BEST time with Lauren and her mom. I remember thinking please hire me! I already love y’all! Then we started chatting about the engagement session. I was so excited to pull up to a brand new place that was close to both of these people. A place that no one else can host an engagement session. I was so excited for these two to have a rare and unique experience in a place out in the countryside.

We had ducks, a beautiful pond, dogs and a horse to keep us entertained as we walked from one spot to another. I just adore being out in the country SO much. I didn’t realize this at first, but we were definitely being watched by the horse. Ahh. Love it.

Lauren. Ben. You two are amazing. I absolutely adore the way you two smile and laugh. I can’t wait for your wedding day. I will definitely be following you around fixing your hair and lip gloss in hand! I may even bring my red Ipsy bag to hold it all in! {inside joke!} You two are so fun to be around and I can’t wait to get together again to finalize your wedding timeline. I hope you two love these images as much as I do!

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