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Josh & Ellie | Surprise Proposal

Our very own Ellie is ENGAGED!!!

It all started with a Facebook DM from Josh and a photo of a beautiful engagement ring. Josh told me he bought THE ring and was ready to propose! AND….he wanted me to photograph it. I screamed, literally through the phone. I was so honored that he asked me to photograph their proposal. We planned it all out with Ellie’s family and came up with the best way to surprise Ellie. For Mother’s Day, Ellie’s sisters asked Ellie if it would be a good idea to surprise their mom with family photos out of their family property. Ellie agreed and was so excited. So while I’m chatting with Josh and coming up with the plan, Ellie’s sisters were helping Josh keep this on the down low. They got their dresses, got ready, did their hair and all awhile Josh is messaging me so that we can stay in touch for the day.

Everyone arrived at Ellie’s parents house. The guys decided to all meet down the road at Ellie’s brothers house. Then I arrived and had to follow them to go ditch my ride. I hopped in Ellie’s dads truck and we drove to the location where Josh would propose!! Ellie thinks this location is where the family photos will be. Eventually, everyone met us on location. All the families got out of their vehicles and as they all approached for “family photos”, Ellie kept walking. She looked back and figured out that no one was walking with her. When she turned around and looked at Josh, she knew.

You could see her heart fluttering. I almost lost it because it looked like she was crying! I kept shooting and then Josh got down on one knee and asked Ellie “Will you marry me?” She said YES!

Out of nowhere pops Josh’s mom who was hiding in the bushes the whole time. I love that Josh’s mom was there and so were Ellie’s parents, three sisters and brother along with their families. This was such an incredible moment and one that her entire family got to witness.

We are so incredibly happy for you Josh and Ellie! I can’t believe your engaged!!! Next up…engagement session somewhere amazing! I’m so honored to know your family and to be the one who had the privilege of photographing your proposal. I’m so excited for you both! Let the wedding planning begin!

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