Two Editing Spots Available For 2020! 

Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project
Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project

Hi friends! I'm Sharin, a hybrid wedding photographer, leader of the SSP team and a private photo editor for photographers.

  I am an experienced film wedding and portrait photographer with 6+ years of digital and 3+ years of film wedding experience . I offer one-on-one editing services to wedding photographers who value consistency and high quality edits. 

 After you've beautifully captured your weddings, send them to me so that I can add beautiful touches to your images while giving you more time for your business, home and family.

I specialize in light and airy edits that look like film and film emulation for film or hybrid photographers. 

If you are ready to take that leap and get more of your time back, click the link below to get in touch!


Meet sharin shank

is it time to outsource your editing?

All the photos you see on my site are taken & edited by me.

Photographer friends, you work so hard week in and week out to build your beautiful wedding photography business but editing is taking up so much of your time. I get it! I've been there! When you outsource your editing, you are freeing up time to market, work on your brand or spend your extra time with family. Now is the time to let an experienced hybrid wedding photographer take over your editing. You deserve the work/life balance you have always dreamed of. 

a few samples of my own work and unique editing style

raw digital

raw digital

edited digital

edited film 

edited digital

My Personal Work

So What's included?

$.35 cents an image

$25 per gallery

2 day turnaround 50% of total bill

$.05 cents an image

Other Services we offer

+ White balance and color correction

+ A private photo editor that is committed to learning your brand style and editing style

+ Client dropbox folder to exchange catalogs, client reference images and my editing feedback document {I also encourage feedback from my clients so that I'm nailing those edits for you each and every time!}

+ Culling your catalog down to the desired number of delivered images

+ Exporting and uploading images into your clients online gallery

+ Rush delivery of your wedding catalog

My private photo editing boutique is catered towards timeless and classic digital or film wedding photographers who have a fine art aesthetic to their brand. I start by learning and understanding your unique editing style so that each edited wedding catalog is beautifully edited and curated with high end edits. If you are just starting your film journey, let me be your guiding light! I can offer my advice and support to you as your grow in your craft. 

+ Cropping and straightening

+ 5-7 day turnaround 

+ An editor that specializes in hybrid wedding photography, timeless edits and 6+ years of editing and curating beautiful galleries.

I can't wait to get to know you!

hire me as your boutique photo editor


Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project