Over the past 6 years, I went from being a stay at home mom dabbling in photography to a beautiful 6 figure business. It wasn't easy and there were a lot of bumps along the way. But I was never alone. I always had a mentor to guide me along the way. Investing in a mentor or business coach has given me life and the ability to provide for my family, take generous time off and live a life I absolutely love.

In the midst of growth, we experience burn-out, fears of failure, and challenges along the way. As a mentor for fellow wedding photographers, I want to provide an exhilarating experience that not only gives you a great foundation + actionable steps to take to up-level your business and to fire your heart up again to do what you love. I want to help you get past those fears, avoid burn-out and help you grow your business to new heights.

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Mentoring for wedding photographers

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Wedding day


One on one

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Wedding day mentoring is a 4 hour + wedding day intensive with Sharin focusing on full wedding process and workflow. First, we meet for a 30 minute zoom to discuss all pain points and where you would like to see your business grow. If we end up being a good fit, we will schedule a sit down 2 hour coaching session to thoroughly discuss the ins and outs of your current pre-wedding process. We will refine everything from inquiry to wedding day. The next part of this mentoring session, you will be invited to a wedding with Sharin. While you are present, Sharin will be teaching you every step of the way. You will be able to photograph the wedding and Sharin will allow you to use your images {select and after review} for your portfolio. After the wedding is complete, Sharin will invite you back for a 2 hour coaching session to thoroughly discuss the ins and outs of your current post-wedding process. We will then refine your process from wedding day to delivery.

 During this time together, we cover everything from inquiry to wedding and delivery including processing anchors for your wedding images. Each session will be pre-planned and scheduled with you prior to the wedding day.

If this sounds like an amazing opportunity, inquire now. I'll be taking a limited number of wedding day mentoring clients for 2022. Payment plans available.

wedding day mentoring

$1850 {seasonal & in person}


One on One mentoring includes 2 hours of intensive mentoring at Sharin's west side home or local coffee shop {if you are local}. If you are not local, this session will be held over zoom. This session can cover anything your heart desires. There are no secrets, anything hidden or held back. Think of this as an ask me anything session or a pre-planned intensive. Your choice. Your session can cover any pain point you are currently dealing with in your business. The goal here is to take you from that pain point and get you back on track for growth and profit.

Pricing Guidance
Portfolio/Website Review 
Marketing & Social Media
Film Photography
Posing and Prompting Natural Reactions
Client Experience
Associate Team Building
& more

If one on one mentoring sounds helpful to you and your business, inquire with me today. 

one-on-one mentoring



Business coaching is an extension of Sharin's one on one mentoring session. This is a little more intense where we start with your pain points first. After careful review, Sharin will design a 4-6 month business coaching plan according to your needs and where you would like to see growth in your business. We will meet at my home {if you're local} or over zoom. During this business coaching intensive, Sharin will meet with you twice a month for 30 minutes for a catch up progress and tracking call and for one hour once a month - in between our catch up zooms - to really dive deep into your business and growth. 

This intensive is for someone looking to grow their business and not just one or two pain points. Business coaching covers everything from your business plan, website/online presence to even the nitty gritty details of pricing and more. 

Inquire now to learn more about intensive business coaching with Sharin

Business coaching

$400 {monthly} 


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