Tornatore Evansville Film Maternity Session

May 15, 2018

As a lot of you know, I’ve been using film for a lot of my work. I still capture everything on my digital camera, but film is such a passion of mine. I adore film! I love the tones of film and how captivating even just a little movement looks on film. I’ve been working with my film lab on color + tones etc. and I know eventually we will get it right! I am so honored that Travis + Natalie let me document their maternity session on film!

Guys…this session was so incredibly adorable. I was so lucky to document their engagement…and their wedding…now their maternity session. I also love that they are inviting me to their home when their new baby arrive and guess what?! I will also be using film for that session. I loved every minute of this session and can’t wait for these two to officially become parents. The count down is on and I can’t wait for the email.


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