Meet the SSP Team 2018

September 28, 2018

This month has been SO amazing!!  Becca and I celebrated our birthday! In case you missed it…we share the same birthday! How crazy awesome is that! Our new logo and website refresh launched. Sharin is now accepting mentoring sessions! To learn more…check out our mentoring page here. And Becca is now an Associate Photographer for SSP! We are so excited for her and this new journey.


This month has been all about change + growth. And in the midst of it all, we wanted to take a minute and really introduce ourselves to you. Our journey started a yea and a half ago and it has been an amazing and fabulous one filled with laughs, sweat, hard work, lots of traveling and fun times. Our couples really enjoy being with Becca and having her as part of the team. She has been an amazing person to work with and we are overjoyed to finally announce her new position.



Meet Our Team

Sharin + Becca

 Lead Photographers at SSP



Sharin Shank.

Owner. Wedding Photographer.


Wife to Kale. Married for almost 9 years this December. Together we have 4 amazing kiddos. Colten, Tyler, Morgan and Ryker

Dog mom to Sophie + Marley


On the weekends I photograph weddings and sessions and during the week I run the SSP studio. I handle marketing, editing, blogging, emails, timelines, social media, and all the other fun little tasks that keep us on our toes. When I’m not being a small business owner {and loving every minute of it} I am hanging out with my family. Kale and I enjoy the occasional date night, snuggling and watching our favorite shows {AGT, World of Dance, Bull, The Good Doctor and American Ninja Warrior}. We enjoy traveling and vacationing as a family. Our favorite vacation together as a family was definitely the time we went to Lake Powell. We lived on a houseboat for 7 days with 4 families, parents and grandparents! It was a blast!


3 Fun Facts About Sharin

1. I love to fish! I enjoy bass fishing and deep sea fishing. I grew up fishing and if there is one thing I would do right now {like drop everything and go} it would definitely be fishing.

2. My favorite dinner {if I had to choose whether its healthy or not} is definitely my grandmas pork chops, corn bread and butter beans. Yes. I was raised in the South. As South as it gets in Florida.

3. Our favorite summer time activity as a family is boating + tubing! We don’t own a boat of our own {we hope to one day} so we travel up to Patoka Lake and rent one. We normally choose a nice pontoon so we can relax AND have fun!  Occasionally we fish but mostly we just hang out, swim and enjoy our family time together.





Becca Novak

Lead Photographer and Second Photographer


Wife to Ethan! Married 6 months.

No kiddos yet but definitely in the future.

No pets yet but hopefully one day


During the week Becca is a graphic designer and on the weekends she photographs weddings. On her days off she enjoys snuggling with Ethan on the couch watching Walker Texas Ranger and  renovating their first home together.


3 Fun Facts About Becca


1. I grew up in a military family and was able to live all over the country. My favorite places were the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Hilo, Hawaii {I lived there twice!}.

2. I am a daddy’s girl and love to go Turkey hunting with him. It’s a daddy-daughter tradition and we go every spring. Even the week before my wedding, I was out in the woods turkey hunting with my dad.

3. Ethan was my first and only boyfriend. I was a sophomore in college and was always way too busy with my art program to socialize. One day, my best friend Kayla, dragged me out of our room and told me I was going to lunch with her and a group of friends. She then introduced me to Ethan…and no it wasn’t love at first sight! Long story short, six years later he is now my husband!



We are so excited for this journey and we can’t wait to bring on our first intern in January!

You can follow our adventures on Instagram @sharinshankphotography and Becca’s @becca_for_ssp


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