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Adam & Chelsea | Evansville Country Club Wedding

This gorgeous Evansville Country Club wedding is one of my favorite spring weddings to date. Everything that Adam and Chelsea could think of and incorporate into their wedding day just lit my heart up so much. They chose to do a first look dad, first look grandpa, first look bridesmaids and letter with gift exchange prior to the ceremony. During the ceremony, the grandma’s were the flower girls. It was so amazing watching two beautiful people that had been part of this family the longest, pass out the flowers for their grand-daughter right before she walked down the isle. After the ceremony, a celebration kiss was shared by Adam and Chelsea before they exited the church. Chelsea wanted to do a lavender toss {one of my personal favorite exits!} but it was raining and we had to ditch the beautiful exit.

Once we arrived at Evansville Country Club, the rain just kept coming. We had two choices…indoor portraits or embrace the rain and stay outside. I’m SO glad these two decided to stay outside. The images are so beautiful and have you heard that rain is good luck on your wedding day?! These two embraced the rain and even though everyone was wet, it was so magical.

The reception was a favorite of mine as well. These two had the best songs to dance to, everyone was so alive and the mingling couldn’t have been more amazing to see. Two families came together today and it shows throughout all of the images we took for these two sweet people. My favorite part of the reception was the daddy and daughter dance shared by Chelsea’s sister and her father. I nearly cried. I remember looking at Kay several times with tears in my eyes and I just couldn’t. Thank goodness Kay and I worked together so closely because I just couldn’t stop getting teary eyed during this special dance.

Adam and Chelsea, gosh, I don’t even know where to begin. There were so many moments of laughter, love, joy, rain, and tears throughout your special day. I’m so glad that you two had the most perfect day despite the rain. Kay and I are absolutely honored to be the ones to capture every moment. It was so hard to choose just a few favorites for the blog. Congrats you two!

Ceremony | St. Boniface Church

Reception | Evansville Country Club

Gown | Ella Park Bridal

HMU | Meny’s

Invitations | Magnet Street

DJ | Back Porch Cinema

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